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Revolutionizing Dealership Detailing Solutions

At Shoto Studios, we're not just about detailing cars; we're about transforming dealership experiences. With our full-service solution, we take dealership detailing to the next level, ensuring every vehicle looks fresh and inviting, whether it's on the showroom floor or waiting for its new owner.

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Full-Service Detailing Solutions for Dealerships

At Shoto Studios, we understand the importance of presentation in the automotive industry. That's why we offer a comprehensive solution for dealerships, managing everything from pre-sale detailing to maintenance and yard washing. With our expertise, every vehicle leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers.

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Pioneering Japanese Ceramic Coating with Gado

Experience the pinnacle of protection with Gado, our state-of-the-art Japanese ceramic coating. Our all-in-one solution includes product supply, expert application, aftercare kits, and seamless warranty management. With Gado, your dealership's vehicles stay protected and pristine for years to come, allowing your team to focus on what matters, making sales.  

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Colored PPF: The Future of Vehicle Protection

Say goodbye to traditional PPF limitations and hello to innovation with our colored PPF. Not only does it offer unparalleled protection, but it also allows clients to change their vehicle's color without compromising on quality. Plus, with our competitive pricing and extended warranty, it's a win-win for both dealerships and consumers.

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Cutting-Edge Services Beyond Detailing

At Shoto Studios, we're not just limited to detailing. We offer a range of additional services, including tinting, dash camera installation, and our innovative tracking app. With real-time digital access to your clients' vehicles, complete with photos, notes, and detailed work tracking, staying on top of your dealership's inventory has never been easier.

Whether you're looking for a quick touch-up or a full-blown transformation, Shoto Studios is here to exceed your expectations. Contact us or download our app now to experience the future of mobile detailing firsthand in Brisbane's high-rise scene. Let's make your high-rise living shine brighter than ever!

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